Non-Refundable Policy:
Our elopement, all-inclusive, photography, catering, music, special events, and destination wedding products are non-refundable. Once the booking and payment have been confirmed, no refunds or cancellations are permitted. We understand that unexpected circumstances may arise; however, due to the nature of the services and the significant preparation involved, we are unable to offer refunds. We recommend securing appropriate travel insurance to cover any unforeseen events that may affect your plans. We are committed to providing a memorable and seamless experience, and we appreciate your understanding of our non-refundable policy.

Consultation Policy:
Our consultation services are provided to offer guidance, advice, and expertise tailored to your specific needs. While our team is dedicated to delivering insightful and valuable recommendations, it is important to note that the information and suggestions provided during consultations are for general guidance and informational purposes. The advice and insights shared during consultations are not intended to serve as formal professional advice or replace the need for personalized professional services. Clients are encouraged to validate and apply the consultation advice within their specific circumstances. We are committed to ensuring that our consultations are an enriching and valuable experience, equipped to support your unique needs.


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All-Inclusive Policy:
Our all-inclusive packages are designed to offer a comprehensive and seamless experience for our clients. It is important to note that 'all-inclusive' does not include flights to and from destinations. However, it does encompass premium food, drinks, and beverages, as well as 3 to 4 scheduled excursions, transportation to and from the airport, and transportation during scheduled excursions. It is important to note that personal expenses, shopping during excursions, and travel insurance are not included within the all-inclusive package. We are committed to providing a transparent and thorough all-inclusive experience, ensuring that our clients enjoy a hassle-free and exceptional journey with us.